20 Little things that make you happy

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands *clap clap* if you’re ha.. oh wait this wasn’t about a song. But a completely new outfit, new designer bag, spa day and of course vacation is what every girl makes happy. But hey did you know there are also a lot of little things we can do and get happy in our daily life. In case you need some (more) positive boost-up you’re reading the right article 🙂

❤ Getting an new haircut or hijab. Rock that girl!

❤ Good hair/hijab day.

❤ Giving compliment and seeing the person really appreciates.

❤ Turning on an new scented candle.

❤ Laughing till you get teary eyes

❤ Having a good and health breakfast

❤ Starbucks. Specially after a long time.

❤ Starbucks barista that spells your name right

❤ A new season of your favorite TV-show.

❤ Cleaning up and looking back at all the work you did. Hard work sure does pay off.


❤ Clean room, clean home, all clean YES PLEASE!

❤ A bath with bath bomb


❤ Finding money in your pocket or bag.

❤ Buying something and let it pack as a gift. A present from me, to me.

❤ Receiving a compliment.

❤ High grade for a hard test

❤  Eating your favorite dessert/dish

❤ Seeing a rainbow, double rainbow is even better

❤ Dropping something without damaging. Good life.

Image: Instgram, we❤it


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