25 random facts about me

Hi guys!

I haven’t post since few days, so here is a blog that’s all about me so you can know me better. To make it up. I don’t know if you find them all interesting but this is about me anyway. Here we go..


  1. I’m youngest of 6 .. actually youngest in my family, I don’t have a younger niece, aunt, brother, sister or cousin
  2. I can speak 7 different languages. Somali, Dutch, English, Dutch sign language(NGT), American sign language (ASL), German and a little bit of Arabic.
  3. A stranger used to call me “Turkish Moroccan” whenever he saw me. It was always while I was going to primary school.
  4. But I’m not Moroccan nor Turkish
  5. I’m born in Somalia and grew up in The Netherlands
  6. I love to get dressed up, whether it’s a costume or just dressing fancy, it’s fun
  7. I was born hearing but became deaf
  8. I didn’t knew anything about deafness until I became deaf.
  9. So I mostly wear headphones when I go out so people don’t talk to me
  10. I go to school with taxi every school day because
  11. I love to sport unless when it’s at school gym
  12. Teen wolf is one of my favorite TV-showΒ tw s4
  13. It’s easy to make me laugh, I’m always laughing at something stupid.. haha
  14. I like to change my room decor often
  15. I can look backwards and walk or do anything as it is through my right side but not my left side.
  16. Oreo’s are my favorite cookies *in love emoticon*
  17. I love high heels
  18. But I don’t wear them much
  19. I’m can be a procrastinator sometimes


20. If I could speak English very well I would always speak English, so much love πŸ˜›

21. Β I love animals

22. But for some reason I’m scared of them.. they are really cute and mostly so nice furry but still.. maybe it’s just because I didn’t grew up with many animals.

23. I want to have a kitten

24. I went from a class with 34+ hearing people to a class with 5 deaf people.. a huge change

25. My name is Arabic and it means very light sand.. like dust but, some people tell me it means ‘woman’ in Hindi.. my name is Arabic so it doesn’t mean woman πŸ˜‰

Do we have anything similar? let me know!

Images: tumblr, weheartit



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