Back to school supplies haul

Yay or cry? holiday is about to end so it’s time to get ready for school. Seeing friends again but back to the ‘prison’ aka school. Nice school supplies can help you a little bit with getting through the school year, a good reason to do back to school shopping every year before school starts again. Check out my back to school finds and supplies. 


Some of you already have started school I think. This is a handy blog for those who are going to first class of high school and being worries about what they would need.

Writing supplies


Color pencils, highlighters, pens, 1D gel pens(..Yes it’s 1D, no, I’m not a fan but ex-fan I just find it cool to own something of 1D :P) and enough pencils for the whole school year.


Agenda is a must for me every school year, even though I can use school tablet but this is just much cooler 🙂 and of course a matching pencil case to put all the writing supplies in.



Without knowing how much I would need I just got two for writing and one for mathematics.

Books covering


At first class I’ve been so bad at covering books but say what? I love doing it now! I found this book cover-er when I was getting my agenda and pencil case. The cover matches well but the labels unfortunately not but at least I got them. I got my  scissors and tape ready until I can start covering books.

Extra tools


A compass with geometric rulers, passer with its filler and eraser. Few glitter tapes to pimp boring pencil with, a Casio calculator, sharpener with an eraser and a lip balm, the only typically girl thing in my school bag.



And of course a backpack (from Primark) to carry all the supplies and school books with.

What are your school supplies?



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