Max factor facefinity primer review

First review, first primer. I’ve always been using foundation with hydrating cream only. I thought it was time to try using primer. I was curious about the whole facefinity line since it came out I got it’s foundation. Because I wanted a primer a trough why not the same brand as my foundation. So here we go.

Primer is a handy product you can use to make your foundation last long and so stay perfect.
maxfactor primer
The primer is like facefinity foundation in a handy pumpable bottle which makes using it easy. It contains 30ml of primer, the normal amount. Unfortunately the primer can get stuck at the end of the pump, there’s not much information on the bottle.
Ranth: 3,5/5


The product is quite liquid and therefore easy to spread. Provides a nice, matte base for each foundation but it’s much better with facefinity foundation. If you use too much it may get pasty on the skin.
Ranth: 4/5
review mf primer
(Yes, that shape should propose a heart :P)
As the foundation promises, it lasts long. It’s also great that it contains SPF 20. The Sun Protection Factor isn’t that high so it provides light protection, perfect for my skin as I don’t need that much SPF.
Ranth: 5/5
Price: € 14,99
From: drugstore
Total score: 4/5
Would you recommend another primer?

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