Story: Life changing event 2

This is a story that happened in real life to Hila(myself), mixed with some of my own fantasy. I’m not a book writer or never wrote a story like this. I’m doing it now just to share my story with you, hope you like it. 

Everyone at from our class was in a good mood, even the teacher.

” teacher” I said
” What’s up ladies?” she replied
I changed my mood and didn’t want to tell the teacher.
” Hila is not feeling so well” said Amelia after a moment of silence.

The teacher looked confused at us. We know it sounds unbelievable because I was fit at the begin of the day like everyone.

” Do you want a paracetamol”

” Yes, please” I replied to the teacher

The teacher walked away to get a paracetamol and we walked to the class. It was not long before the teacher was back.

” If it doesn’t help, let me know so you can go home”

She said it, I had to go home if I still don’t get better after the paracetamol. It was a nightmare- I didn’t want to miss this day. I looked at Amelia, I didn’t say anything to her.

” The tasteless thing” I said to her looking at the paracetamol. It was probably my first time I took a paracetamol.

After the paracetamol we walked together to the out other friends and classmates.
As we went back they all looked up to us, waiting for us to tell what the teacher said.

” I got a paracetamol-I’ve to go back to home if it doesn’t help” I told them.

We sat together tying like nothing happened. I kept feeling headache, it was getting different..  not like a normal headache. I decided to tell my friends and just go home if I have to. Immediately the teacher came to us.

” How are you feeling now” she asked
” I still have headache”
” We can go with her to home” said Lydia
” Well okay, Lydia and Amelia can go with Hila and others have to continue their work”
As we expected not all of my friends were allowed to go with me to home. We said goodbye and went to home with Amelia and Lydia as the teacher said.

Lydia and Amelia went back to school as we came close to my home.

” Hey you’re early” said my mom

I explained my mom and went to my room for rest. I only could wish having rest because I still had pain.

” Take another paracetamol and try to sleep” my mom said

It was just a headache, two paracetamol is more than need I trough. But I obeyed my mom and did what she said. I felt asleep on the bench until the evening. After watching tv and having light dinner I went back to sleep.

“We’re going to do you want to go with us ?” my mom asked me next morning as I woke up. My mom was going to a nearby city with my dad and cousin who was visiting us.

” No” I didn’t had energy for it even though I was feeling a little better than the day before.

Not long time after it I was alone at home. I felt hungry and decided to get up and make a sandwich. It was a bad idea because it made me feel sick. I was so bored and there was nothing nice on tv. The home phone suddenly started ringing.

It was my cousins mom.
“Is your cousin at home?”
“No she went to the city with my mom” I told her.
“Oh okay. Don’t you have to go to school?”
” No, I’m not feeling so well so I stayed at home”
” Okay get well soon” She said and not much later ended our conversation.
I was bored again. So bored that I used to watch advertisement and nonsense on tv because there was nothing better on it.
” *greets*” Again the phone stared ringing. It was my cousin.
” Hey Hila don’t you have school” Of course that’s what everyone would ask me because I went school everyday I had to.
” No, I’m not feeling so well so I had to stay home” I told her.
” you are playing truant, I know” I did not take it negatively so laughed.
” No really, I’m having headache since yesterday”
” Alright I believe you. Is your dad at home” she asked me.

I told her that he wasn’t at home and so ended our conversation.

I spent the rest of the day on the bench being bored. I couldn’t do anything because of my headache.
My parents planned to call the hospital the next day because the general practitioner (GP) does not work on weekends.

To be continued…


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