Things to do when you’re bored

No work, home alone, hanging around doing nothing relatable? Here’s a list of tips to save you from boredom. 


Have a day for yourself, pamper up.

Read, just for change if you aren’t a bookworm

write a blog

about being bored


Watch movies

Watch YouTube videos

Cook something sweet but not too hard check here for inspiration.

Learn a random dance.


Write a song

Perform the dance and/or song to your family.

Chat with random people online.

Go out and wave with a smile to people.

Try some DIY


Try (celebrity) makeup looks.

Annoy your sibling(s).

Clean your room, decorate if it’s already clean

Go out for a walk or cycling around.

Make selfies or photo shoot with friends

Peinture (Le Chien) by Joan Mira
Peinture (Le Chien) by Joan Mira $2.2 Million

Draw something.. no matter if you aren’t an artist just do it, everything is art.

Search for a job.

Images: Weheartit


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