Flawless foundation

A flawless finish to our foundation is something almost every woman wants. Using foundation can either make or break the perfect look. With this few tips you’ll can create your perfect flawless face.


Select a colour
Choose a foundation that matches perfectly to your skin tone. Try the foundation before you buy it to see if it matches your skin, preferably on your face. It can be hard finding the right shade, in that case you can try a professional makeup store and ask a beauty advisor at to help you choose the perfect color, and ask to take a sample home. Take it to the drugstore and look for the best match.
Prep your skin
Suffer from dry skin? scrub the skin regularly to prevent dry skin ruining your foundation. Before you apply the foundation make sure your skin is clean and moisturized. Wait few minutes before you apply the foundation to let the moisturizer sink in and dry. Use primer if you have a long day ahead to make your foundation stay long perfect.

the right brush

Choose your method to apply
You can apply foundation with sponge, brush or fingers. With your fingers you can apply it light. Using sponge or brush you can minimize the amount of bacteria and


Use it to hide dark circles, red skin or whatever your want to hide. Look for a lightweight liquid in a color one shade lighter than your skin, not too light.
Select a compact powder
Make sure it matches your foundation and skin colour. Compact powder is used to make your foundation smoother and hide imperfections.

Images: weheartit, MAC cosmetics


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