Tips for long lashes

Eyelashes are very feminine and make your eyes more beautiful. Not everyone is blessed with beautiful long lashes but with these tips for care and preparation your eyelashes will get so beautiful, full and long as possible.

Two mascara brushes
Use two mascara brushes, one to apply mascara and a clean mascara brush to get your lashes apart.
Baby or foundation powder
Apply some powder to your lashes with a small make-up or clean mascara brush then a layer of mascara.
Eye make-up remover
Carefully remove each evening with your eye makeup with eye make-up removing oil. By doing so, the lashes stay in better condition and not break them down.
Sleeping mask
Wear sleeping mask to protect your lashes against any dirt.
Apply it with a clean mascara brush on your lashes and leave it overnight. Repeat it often and you’ll see the result very soon.
Source: Pinterest
Eye pencil/ pencil eyeliner
This may sound weird if you’re new with it, apply pencil eyeliner to the upper water line, so the lashes look longer. If you close your eye for few seconds you’ll get a print on your bottom waterline.
Lash curler
The name itself says what it’s meant for but did you know that it also can help you growing your lashes? The better you curl the lashes, the longer you can get the lashes.
Fake lashes
Long lashes within no time? Fake lashes is the perfect way to get them really quick.
There are special serums to help you growing your lashes, but I don’t have experience with it. Serums is not the cheapest method but if you find a good review that makes you think that it’s trying worth then you probably should get one.


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