Autumn/fall room decor

Ooh yeaah! It’s almost fall, within 57 days to be exact. As a resident of Holland aka frogland I already have autumn feelings because of the much rain and cold. I decided to start preparing for it already. I love autumn, nothing is better than a cozy room where you can read a good book and drink tea or watch movies to hide from the rain and cold. I’ve few easy decor inspiration, hope you like it!

Fall finds
Put things you find together such as pine cone, acorn, leaves( rather fake) or some whole nuts.
DIY: put some pine cones and fake leaves together in a jar or big wineglass . Candles fan? put it on the top and palace it on somewhere tadaa it’s ready!
fall finds in a jarLights
Light up your room with fairy lights, it creates cozy atmosphere.

Tip: use christmas lights if you have some at home to save money.


Picture frames can actually be used every season but different way. Put a autumnal quote in it and glue leaves around it to make it complete. Hang it on your wall like a picture or put it on somewhere with candles and more leaves.

fall frame

Pictures with lights/a string and clothespin 
You’ll need fairy lights or a string, pictures and clothes pin (rather made of wood). Make the rope or fairy lights to the wall with strong transparent adhesive tape, put the photos fixed on it with clothespins.

Tip: Spray the clothespin with gold or hazel brown glitters to pimp it.

Candle jar with ‘sweater’
Cut the top of sock, put it on the candle jar and your cute candle holder is ready!


Decorate jars to put candle in it
This is a very popular DIY, you simply will need a jar, leaves and mod podge/school glue. Put the leaves around the jar and divide some glue over it. You can choose to paste leaves all over the jar or just 1-2 leaves. Put a candle in it as it drys and put it on your bedside or wherever you wish.

Inspirational picture:


ombre-pineconeacorn-fillerleaf frame

fall jar

autumn inter

sweater pillow


Like if you’re a autumn lover too and tell me what you love about it!

Images: Pinterest


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