Why it’s awesome to have a sister

Do you have a sister? Big chance you two used to fly continuously in the hair, but now increasingly appreciate each other. A sister is like a blessing in disguise and only those who have one or more will understand the bond between sisters. 

No boredom
She’s the one with whom you can have fun when you’re bored you can talk with her or annoy or whatever.
Most important person to take on family vacation
If you want it to be one of the best vacations ever, take her with you.
Shopping buddy
Specially when your friend too far or can’t go with you, your sister is always there for you, even if she doesn’t have time she will make time for you.
Your kids will have a aunty and you’ll be one
Great sisters make great aunts and great aunts make great cousins.
You’re earlier adult, smart
When your friend goes shopping without her parents for the first time, you already have been shopping without parents so many times, thanks sis.
Your closet is double the size.
Do I have to say more
Best friend since birth
When others make friends at school you already have a sister with whom you could play when you were small and can have fun when you grew up.
Maid of honor
Getting married? You don’t have to go through the work of selecting a maid of honor. It’s not even a choice if you have a sister.
Personal stylist
Stressing about what to wear and how to look for that wedding or date? Your sister is there for you to help.
Best judger
As someone says to you look nice because they do not dare say the truth, your sister tells it to you. And when she says you look nice trust her, you really do!
parent trap
Say whatever you want to her
Talk rude, act dumb, complain, she’s listening and maybe will advise you if it’s needed.
No long-lasting fights
Maybe girls are those who argue and after years still hating each other or see each other as enemies but a fight between your sister is just like break from each others, a break that will not last long because you need each other. At the end when you talk about the fight you can laugh about it together.
She’s your sister and BFF, really BFF
People come and go but you and your sister are born to be friends and stay friend for ever.

What do you like about having a sister?


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