Trend: square eyeline

With a lot of patience, practice, precision, and half a bottle of makeup remover succeed, you’ve learned how to make the perfect winged eye but there’s already a new trend! Square yes square eyeline. Straight cut line is hot on the catwalk.

Photo by: David Slijper
Photo by: David Slijper

It resembles a winged eyeliner, but instead of a tip is the end right off, making it seem almost a block. Square looks easier than winged eyeliner.The eyeliner to draw down from the outer corner to the lower lash you can make it! It’s it trying worth?

Image from: topratedviral
Image from: topratedviral

You can use tape as a guide. Then pull with your eyeliner here the next line causing the wing in any case is right. Now you do just making only squarely through the line to turn thick and pull it inward to connect with the eyeliner along your upper lashes. A straight cut brush can make it even easier to make square as straight as possible.

Image from: Instagram
Image from: Instagram

Are you going to try it?



  1. This seems so cool! Do you recommend any good eyeliner because I am in need of a new one lately?! Could you also look at my blog, and follow it if you like it?I love your blog by the way! šŸ™‚


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