Most asked questions about deafness

Being deaf is not so popular on this planet so it’s unknown for the most people’s. I’m deaf since few years and this are the questions I’ve mostly been asked

International symbol for deafness
How does it feel to be deaf?
It’s like when you ask someone who can hear “how does it feel to hear” it’s not easy to describe. You can only know how it feels if you’re actually are deaf. I can tell you that there’s a huge difference between being deaf and hearing.
How does someone who is deaf born communicate with hearing person ?
The deaf person self can do less but some deaf born people can talk. You als can use writing method or another way to make the deaf one understand what he/she is saying. Check here for more methods.

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Don’t you hear anything?
Nope, it’s all quite. But some people can hear hard sounds or use hearing aid which can make them more closer to be hearing.
How do you communicate at school?
Well, there’s special  education for deaf. At the special education all teachers know sign language or there is a sign language interpreter.
Is it hard to learn sign language?
At first it probably is but, when you’re a little more into it your fingers learn the movings and it will become more easy. You can say that it’s just like when you speak English but you’ve to learn another language, the only difference is that sign language is with hands.

Do you have any question(s)? comment below and I’ll answer them for you! 

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