Bloating? This is how to reduce it!

Feeling bloated? A flat stomach is obviously not our purpose, but we don’t say no to offer of a flat belly. A flat stomach not only has to do with how much you weigh and how much you eat but what you eat. Here is a list of the best and worst foods for a flat belly.

Bloating is mostly caused by overeating and eating too fast, you already know what you have to do? Eat slower and you will automatically eat less. Chew 20-30 times before you swallow.
source: ellearabia
source: ellearabia
This you shouldn’t eat/drink
♥ Soda –  Carbonated drinks (even diet ones) can cause gas to get trapped in your belly.
♥ Chips 
♥ Too much sodium
♥ Bubble gum
♥ Carbs 
source: weheartit
source: weheartit
♥ Highly unsaturated fats like olive oil can help us to tackle belly fat, even without the number of calories that we take for us to change.
♥ Water, you may read/hear it much when it comes to health but it’s right your body needs a lot of water. Add some fruit to it in order to ensure that there are vitamins enters the water and make it tasty!
♥ Use honey or Agave nectar instead of sugar.
♥ Eat healthier snacks.
♥ Asparagus and broccoli can help you a lot, and feel free to eat watermelon it’s tasty and super healthy!
♥ Drink healthy juice, smoothies and peppermint or green tea.
Last but not least: green smoothie recipe for 1 person
You’ll need:
75 gram spinach (fresh spinach)
1 banana
1/2 Avocado
100 ml yoghurt
1 tsp chia seed 

Tip: freeze the banana and spinach.

Blend the ingredients together, pour it in a glass and enjoy!


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