5 easy steps to healthy hair

Long, beautiful and letting it grow is not an extremely difficult process. The expensive products that  you need not buy at the hairdresser you have for it, just as all kinds of vitamins and nutritional supplements. What you have there is need for common sense, dedication and patience. Here are few steps to beautiful hair a la Ariana Grande.. or who ever you wish.

1. End your shower with cold water
Get all shiver through your body? Well it may not be so fine to shower with cold water but, it will give your hair more volume and it makes your hair grow faster.
2. Don’t rub with the towel
To prevent hair damage your should not rub, knead your hair in a towel and let it dry with the air. No time? no problem! Use fohn oil to protect your hair.


3. Brush / comb it well
Making large klirt and then combing it out is not good for your hair. So start from the bottom and slowly go higher till the top.
4. Oil
Use hair oil such as Moroccan Argan and coconut oil.
5. Cushion sheet 
With all the face cream and dirt in it you better don’t sleep too often on it. Change it about once a week.

Image: weheartit


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