DIY: Summer candles

Candles trough summer, why not! Just make it fit the season and it still fits where you wish! But how to make it summer friendly? hmm that’s what I’m about to tell you!

2015-04-06 13.47.13

Shell candles
For this you only will need a fire to melt the candle with, candle to melt, shell(s) and a candlewick. To make it totally easy I made the steps on an image that below.

shell candle

floating candles
I saw floating candles once at a wedding and I love it. I tried to make it and yes I could be really proud of the result. It’s also really easy.

floating candles                                                                             source

You will need:
– Flower petals
– Small glass bowl
– Water
– Floating candles
Put some water in the bowl, flower petals and the floating candles and your gorgeous candle is ready!

plate candles                                                                                Source

Floating candles on a plate

You will need:
– plate
– floating candles
– water
– flowers buds
Choose a plate with high sides, but not too high, and fill it three-quarters full with water. Place a pair of small, round candles in the water and decorate with a pair of flower buds. Perfect for a relaxing environment!

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