OOTD & Eid celebrating

Eid is celebrated at the end of the ramadan in islamic cultures. It’s a beautiful day that most people’s spend with their loved ones. Popular things thats done on the day of eid is going to the mosque, eating sweets together, giving and getting gifts. I’d would like to share my out fit of the day(ootd) and tell you what I did.

Every muslim that goes to the mosque on the day of eid has to wake up early because the eid prayer will take place at early morning. Our eid prayer time was around 8:30.Before going to the eid prayer it’s obligated to have so odd number of dates so I did after dressing up.We went around 7:30 out of the house, sounds early? It actually was but we had to drive for 30 mins to the mosque so we were at 8 o’clock at the mosque.
To home 
After praying and having some talks at the mosque we went back driving to home. A short family time and resting we ate some sweets together then had another plan, a day out together to the beach
Yup I went to the beach on the day of eid :P. It was a abnormal high temperature day so beach was perfect even though I didn’t swim. I got a great idea at the beach; shearing with you what I did and my outfit so I made some pictures. And here comes my ootd *drum roll sound* 
 Outfit: all lace
After long fun time at the beach we returned home for traditional dinner to make it extra look like eid. But unfortunately I didn’t take I picture.
And after that and some rest and fun with family I started writing this for you. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Eid mubarak once again! 

How did you celebrate eid? tell me by commenting below!



  1. Eid Mubarak! Usually, we have a family breakfast, go to the neighbour’s houses and then meet with relatives for the rest of the day. I love that you went to the beach, sounds idyllic. Please follow back, I love connecting with Muslim sisters here 🙂


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