Ode to Henna

Henna is a red or black colour that you can use to colour your hands, nails, hair and everywhere else where you’d wish to have it. It’s like a tattoo but it will disappear within a month or two. In some  Cultures, mostly middle eastern it’s very popular to use it on festivals, parties or just for fun.


Henna is extracted from the henna shrub, the only species in the genus Lawsonia. It’s used since hundreds years ago to make perfume of the Lawsonia flowers while its green autumn leaves was used to make henna. The active ingredient Lawson undertakes in the hair with the proteins present there.
black henna with some henna orange
black henna filled with some henna orange
Black henna
Since 2000 black henna got more and more popular.Black henna is made of a powder that you also can use to colour your hair, like henna. Sometimes there’s p-fenyleendiamine added, which can make your henna clear black and last extra long but the substance may cause allergy reactions.
Henna tattoo
Henna tattoo
 Henna for hair
Henna is a super product for hair. It helps growing and making it effective. It’s also a hair health friendly way to colour your hair.
Henna makes blonde hair red, brown hair light brown and grey/white hair orange.
Henna tattoo
Henna tattoo is a simple sticker like the ones you find in some bubble gums. It won’t last as long as normal henna and can apply it by putting the sticker on the preferred spot then put a wet cloth to make it wet so it can paste on your skin.
Do you want henna?
Do you also want some henna designs on your skin? Then I’ve good news because I’ve phone number of a henna designer. Unfortunately only for Holland but you can contact her and ask her. I’ll post as soon as possible the number/address of a designer in England if you want it come back later!
Henna by Muna
Phone: 0031684149606
Email: muna1231@hotmail.com

Did you ever had henna? or do you know a good designer? comment below!


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