How to keep your room 365 days clean

You know, those peoples who have their room just for few days clean? But there are also those who have always.. nah let’s say mostly a clean room. It’s easy to keep your room few days clean but how to keep it longer and longer clean? I’ve changed my whole room few moths ago and since then it’s always.. mostly clean. How I did it? that’s what this blog is about! 

It’s not so hard to keep your room clean, is it? A year has 52 weeks so if your repeat it your room will stay clean? Yes, if your clean between the weeks.


Let’s get started..
Everything starts somewhere, right? Before you think about the 365 days clean you should keep ‘the great cleaning day’ clean everything and everywhere. Throw away things you don’t really need.
Now you’ll need a pen, paper and your agenda because you’ve to make an scheduled.
Write down all the days on a paper, it’s handy to make write it for 2 weeks. Make 4  columns and write this things it:
Things you should do everyday
– Make your bed
– Open your window, for some fresh air
– Throw dirt into the trash
Things you should do few times a week
– Tidy up around hanging clothes in your wardrobe or store in the laundry basket.
– Dirty dishes to the kitchen (unless you don’t drink/eat in your room)
Things you should do once a week
– Vacuuming
– Cleanup your desk
– Put random things on their palace (books, pens, bags etc).
Things your should do in 2/3 weeks or once a month
– Mop the floor (unless you’ve carpet)
– Replace bed sheets
– Empty trash

Now we’re done with the schedule. Hang it somewhere so you’ll see it everyday and won’t forget it. If you forget a day or skip, then don’t make the second day the same, it is super easy work you you just will need few minutes. But the more you procrastinate the work will wait for you.

Stay motivated, it takes a few weeks to get used to and it will become something normal to you so just do it!

Do you have any other ideas? Comment below!


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