Recipe: Pasta shells with salmon & spinach

Quick and easy recipe but most important: super delicious! I don’t remember how I learned the original recipe but after then I used to change things that’s being added to make it actually my own recipe and more tasty. 

You’ll need :
♥ 200 gram Pasta shells
♥ 250 ml milk or cooking cream
♥ 300 gram salmon
♥ 2 tbs olive oil
♥ 100 gram broccoli pieces
♥ 250 gram cherry tomatoes (1 container)
♥ 5 cubes (frozen) spinach
♥ 1 onion
♥ 2 garlic
♥ salt and chilli


Cook the pasta shells as it’s on the packing.
Cook the broccoli for 5-10 mins in water.
Cut the onions and salmon in small pieces
Halve the cherry tomatoes
Remove shils from the garlic and chop it finely.


Put 2 tbs of olive oil in wok.
Bake the onions and salmon.
Add garlic and spinach cubes and bake it until the spinach melts.
Then add the milk or cooking cream to it.
Add some salt and pepper and the tomato pieces.
Let it all cook for 5 minutes.
Add the pasta shells to it and mix it all together.
It’s ready to be served.

Bon appetite! 


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