What to do holiday 2015

It’s finally holiday, you’ve been looking forward to it so long time but now what? Just hanging around the house being bored? If I ask someone how their holiday  is they mostly say it boring or alright but with the following tips you’ll be the one who can say ” My holiday was awesome!”

Summer and beach are best friends so why wouldn’t you match your holiday with it. Call your friends or family together and go to the beach. You can go for swimming on a high temperature day and picnic at the end. Trough summer there are also party events at the beach. Book a nice party event with your friends and you’ll have a moment to remember!

Best summer

Organize a bon fire at your garden or at the beach. Invite some close friends and/or families.  Don’t forget hot chocolate on a cold night or some cool drinks on a hot night. Make or buy some tasty snacks and marshmallows. Use long toasting forks and toast around the fire. You also might want to have bowl of melted chocolate so that everyone can dip their marshmallows with it if they want to.Try to get some  sparklers  to make your bonfire complete.
Cook for a day
Create an elaborate meal. Search for some yummy recipes a make it at home. You also can choose to make just a part of the meal like making dessert only, then you can try this easy but super yummy recipe.
Girls night 
Invite your friends at your house or go to them. Go for  a walk at night together, you also can do a small bonfire in the garden for chitchat. Have pamper night with mask, polishes etc. Play games like truth or dare, you’ll learn each other more and have fun. And finally at the end of the night watching some scary movies you wouldn’t dare to watch alone but other movies are always there for you so the choice is up to you!


Play game
Get some snacks and challenge yourself. Make some time to spend with your brother by playing games with him, not so girly games but his games like gta or football on his playstation. If you don’t have a brother you might have a best friend, invite her at your house if you have non girly games or go to her if she has a brother who has games.
Learn something new
No no I don’t mean it for school but things such as skateboarding, surfing, waveboarding. You can also can join a sport class to try for free, who know will you find out what’s your secret talent.

Images: weheartit


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