Trend: Spring/summer 2015

Every season new fashion trends, but there’s not always something you like in it. So some trend you’d rather to let them pass by while others are totally your cup of tea. However some trends are just musthaves. I’ve choosen few of the trends that i think you’d like them.

Lace                                                                                                                                      Yup it’s totally in this summer. Designers have gone loose for lace. Lace dress, shirts, skirts, kimono and they are even on shoes! It’s cute looking and very fashionable if you ask me.
Flattered jeans                                                                                                                        It’s back! So who dares may even exchange the skinny jeans into the pants with wide legs for a moment. One advantage: your legs look slimmer and longer.
River Island
With a trenchcoat you’re always good. It’s all about flowing coats of soft materials.
Polka dots
A simple print which has retained its impact over the years, the polka dot burst joyously onto the runway this Fashion Week.
Emma Stone at Golden Globes Awards
Emma Stone
From fighter pilots to technicians, it’s totally in this season. Even Emma Stone was wearing it at the Golden Globe Awards.

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