Traveling must haves ✈

Yay! It’s finally vacation. Are you one of the many peoples who booked a vacation this year? Cool then I’ve a list of handy things to take with you and things I personally would take with me. 

Of course you want something to proof you’ve visited where you’re going to or just to capture the beautiful memories you make.
A good book or magazine
Reading to pass the time or just because you love it or because there’s no good movie it’s, it’s always a good idea to read.
Who doesn’t use a smartphone now a days? Peoples take it to everywhere so why wouldn’t you take it when you go traveling to keep you family and friends up to date? You also could use it to check what’s new on this blog so don’t forget it!
If you don’t forget your plane adapter you can use your own headphone in the plane. Preferably one with noise cancellation to prevent the noise of the airplane or crying babies.
LylaTraveling adapter
A low battery smartphone and camera makes no sense so make sure you don’t forget your traveling adapter and of course chargers.
Stylish on holiday and to protect your eyes from strong sunrays.
Handy for in the plane, you never know what’s its temperature. Or maybe just to fresh up your feet with sweaterless socks.
Sleeping mask
Trust me your traveling time will fly by if you sleep in a plane. In some planes you can get them free but it’s always a good idea to take it for sure.
Travel pillow
For more comf sleeping.Preferably a inflatable travel pillow so you can take it easy.
Purse or backpack 
Last but not least, you’ll need something to take all this stuff with you but the choice is up to you.
Image: todoeldiadecompras
Souse: hisorher & my traveling backpack

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