4 Easy ways to get rid of dry lips

We all know those annoying dry skin on your lips, if you get too much of it, you may have a chance that it will start bleeding and that wouldn’t look so charming. So read quickly for some easy and quick techniques to get super soft lips and say farewell to dry lips and old skin.

Toothbrush                                                                                                                                Yes really, you only need a toothbrush. Wash the toothbrush and rub it slowly on your lips until you see all the old skin is removed. Resin it with water. To give your lips some rest put some Vaseline or lip balm on it. And your lips are ready!

You can also use a toothbrush for applying lip scrub for more effective exfoliation.


Scrub                                                                                                                                 Scrubbing you lips is also a great way to get super soft lips very quick. You can buy them in most drugstores but you also can make it by yourself for more cheap and effective way. You can read some recipes below.

You’ll need:                                                                                                                                                  ♥ 1 teaspoon of Vaseline  or honey                                                                                                        ♥ 1 teaspoon of Sugar

Mix the ingredients together and rub it on your lips. Resin it with lukewarm water tto remove the fat of the vaseline, dry it. You can put on some pure Vaseline, lip balm or lipstick to make it completely ready.

Quick tip: you can make extra scrub and put it in a small container so you can use it next time.

another scrub recipe:

Mix backing soda with water. Put it on your lips untill it’s dry. You can see if it’s dry by touching it, if it feels hard resin it with water.
large (2)

Keep it moisturized                                                                                                                             An easy one right? but it’s very important and really helpful to keep your lips soft and avoid drying. You can use labello, lip balm but a little bit of pure vaseline can help too.

Images: weheartit


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