How to communicate with deaf

Yes, you’re reading the title right. You can communicate with deaf person even trough you’re hearing. Some peoples maybe think about sign language but there are alot more ways. Are you courious how? keep reading! The following tips are written from experience, so I think that it will work for others because it worked for me.

Keep eye contact                                                                                                                          Be close enough to the person so you can look in their eyes. try to make the persons eye and yours the same level. It will make it easier to lookdirectly in the eyes. If you’re wearing sunglasses then take it off. It’s necessary for deaf to see you emotion.


Talk slow and be patient                                                                                                           Most deaf peoples can lip read. Make sure you talk clear and slow, by slow we don’t mean too slow that it will annoy the person. When you try to talk to deaf you should have enough time to repeat if the person doesn’t understand you.  

Be polite                                                                                                                                          If there is interruption explain it to him/her before. Such as when you phone rings the deaf one can’t notice it. If the person tells you he/she is deaf the don’t act like the person is nothing. You won’t make the person feel good by doing that.

Learn sign languge                                                                                                                        You can learn it in many different languages. Sign language also has a internatinal signs. If you only learn the alphabeth would be so helpful but if you learn the whole signlanguage communication would go even better.

islDo you know more advice? comment below!

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